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Makes Watering Quick

The non-eroding watering basin allows water to slowly penetrate the soil.
Plants and trees can be watered quickly with no dirt berm erosion or wasteful runoff.

Makes Watering Easy

The planting ring is simple to install. The durable teeth cut easily into the soil
and the tapered side wall and interior v-groove hold the basin securely in place.

Makes Watering Effective

Planting rings produce larger, healthier shrubs, trees, and vegetables
because water is funneled to the deep root zone.

Still not convinced? See what others are saying...

  • I first bought these at Home Depot, at the time the only place I could find them. After buying a couple, I quickly increased my number until I now have about 20 of them. They are absolutely the best thing I've found to help in gardening. I've used them with tomatoes, peas and pole beans and they work wonderfully. I also use grow bags and the only downfall with those is the soil tends to dry out quickly. And when it's dry, it's very hard to get it re-hydrated and water just runs off. Well, these handy-dandy things keep the water contained so it goes into the soil rather than running off and out the sides of the bags.

    The only thing I will argue with in the description is that plants WILL fall over. I had two huge tomato plants go halfway over last year and these two were in the ground, not bags. Once they do get loosened, they're really hard to get anchored again. I wound up having to make guy-wires to keep the plants stable. Admittedly, this happened in a huge storm with really high winds. And honestly, in about 3 years of using them now and 15-18 plants each year, once I started coupling my towers with these gizmos, I have only had those two plants try to fall.

    And I am sooooo happy to find these on Amazon now! The price is about the same as what I've already paid unless I opt for the biggest log and *that* is a terrific price! My thanks to the maker of these for making my gardening life so much easier!

    Susan L.
  • I purchased 2 sets of WaterRounds and I plan to buy more because they are pretty useful for my desert dry area. My fruit trees and berry plants feel much better with additional water support. Besides all plants look more beautiful with rings. Plastic rings made from strong plastic. I highly recommend them to your gardens.

    Lola V.
  • Finally, a product that will securely hold my tomato cages! Not only that but will help retains water by allowing room for mulch to be added. Great buy for the garden enthusiast!

  • These watering rounds, VegStable Rounds, work great to minimize water usage and to help reduce the weeds in the garden. By keeping the water around the roots of the vegetable plants, the weeds are limited to inside the ring and can be controlled by applying a mulch inside the ring. Also, the ability to install the tomato cages to the VegStable Round provides greater stability to the cages. I use the VegStable Rounds to plant Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Egg Plant, Green Beans, Cantaloupe, and Squash. I use the larger 20" and 24" Watering Rounds to plant Zucchini Squash, Lettuce, and Spinach.

  • Recently I discovered this idea: planting into plastic round. It worked great for my garden. It allows to reserve a space for a tomato plant, dig a whole, add a lot of natural fertilizers like ash, bone/blood meal , plant tomato deeper, so it develops more roots. The planting Ring allow enough place for a plant, improves watering efficiency and keeps away weeds. I highly recommend to try it. Can use for trees too.

  • These plant rounds are great and pleasing to the eye. I planted a dwarf holly bush with one, a Confederate Jasmine vine in another, and a rosebush in the third. Hold the water and serve as a border. Love them. Have two more rosebushes coming in and will use the other three next weekend. I highly recommend this product!

  • I absolutely LOVE these! Exactly what I needed to help newly planted plants get a good drink of water to get them going! Easy to “install” and they work perfectly, I ordered more...

    J. Hornsby
  • I have 4 of them to keep gravel away from my Rose of Sharon shrubs. They work great & keep the mulch from washing into the gravel. I love them!

  • These look so nice!! I'm using them as separate garden beds. I am ordering 6 more when I get the first finished!!

  • Allows separation of pavers, planting mulch, and soon to be crushed granite ground cover.

  • I have several rings that are 4 yrs old, looks grt in my yard..very durable. I like it when I water my plants the water stays inside and soaks directly down into the plant. Will buy again

    Linda S.
  • Originally purchased these from Home Depot, which in my area they no longer sell. Planted a Foxtail palm in one, a month later bought 2 more FoxTail Palms, seeing as the first one was taking off like crazy! Unfortunately HD didnt have any more, so i just planted them normally. With a no dig border and mulched. Now my first Palm is about 6‘ ft tall and the two others not in the planting ring are pretty much the same size as when I planted them about 3 1/2 feet tall. I cant believe what a difference these make! Thanks WaterRounds for now being available at Amazon at a reasonable price! Just ordered 6 24” rounds to replace around all my trees!

    A Fox
  • Great for keeping rocks away from tree trunks. They do a nice job of directing water where it should go. Very durable product. We previously used six of the Planting Rings around our trees at our previous residence and just completed the installation of four Planting Rings around our fruit trees at our current residence. Very pleased with the results. I appreciate that a product like this exists.


About WaterRounds and Our Products

WaterRounds was founded in 2008 and all of our products are made in the USA...specifically Southern California. Our team has been working for over 30 years in plastic manufacturing.

Our products are designed to make watering quick, easy, and effective. They are even manufactured in the United States using 100% recycled materials. We will save you time and water, and our products will help yield superior results and growth!

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