24 in. Planting Rings (6 pack) - $149.97 with free shipping

$149.97 (Free Shipping)

  • Edging and Water Retention that funnels water to the deep root zone, prevents wasteful run-off and erosion
  • This ring has a latch that opens and closes for new and existing trees and plants
  • Prevents invasive grass and weeds
  • Holds 5 gallons of water
  • Provides protection from mowers and weed whackers
  • Easy to install and Made in America



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Planting Rings are available in 16-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch diameters and are the perfect product for water conscientious gardeners and landscapers who want a no-fuss, perfectly round border around trees, shrubs, roses or vegetables. Unlike most edging, Planting Rings do not require bending, staking or tools to create a round border. Planting Rings are non-eroding, watering basins that retain water and fertilizer until they can funnel to the deep root zone where it is needed most. The patented V-Groove anchors the Planting Ring into the soil, so it stays securely in place. The naturally, UV resistant, 100% recycled polypropylene protects trunks from weed whackers and provides a clean border between grass, trees and shrubs. Planting Rings reduce surface evaporation, cut down on invasive weed growth and prevent hillside erosion. Planting Rings can also be adapted to couple irrigation systems. Planting Rings Sizes are. * 16” diameter for 1 gal. plants (holds 2 gal.) * 20” diameter for 5 gal. plants (holds 3 gal.) * 24” diameter for 15 gal. plants (holds 5 gal.)


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Planting Rings are non-eroding basins that funnel water and nutrients to the deep root zone of the plant by eliminating wasteful runoff. Water and nutrients are directed where they are most useful. You will get more growth with less water.

Planting rings are easy to install and accommodate 5-15 gallon trees and plants. Our Planting Rings function as a measuring cup that funnels water where it needs to go. Our products will save you time, water, and yield superior growth.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, and herbs
  • Replaces dirt berms for deep, effective watering
  • Maximizes water usage
  • Promotes larger, healthier plants and root systems
  • Saves water by eliminating wasteful runoff
  • Prevents hillside erosion
  • Limits invasive weed growth
  • Easy to install



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